The History of Anne Frank’s Diary

Historical Background

In 1940 Holland became one of the countries invaded by Hitler. Nazi occupation led to gradual isolation of Jewish people and in 1942 first call-ups for “work” camps started to be sent. On the 5th July 1942 one of the call-ups was received by Margot- Anne’s sister. This was the moment when Frank family decided to go into hiding.

The Diary

It was a present. Anne Frank got the diary for her thirteenth birthday (12th June 1942) shortly before going into hiding. She kept it till the 1st August 1944. Three days later the Secret Annex was raided by SS sergeant Karl Josef Silberbauer along with the members of the Dutch security Police.  All the occupants and two helpers (Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman) were arrested. The dairy was found  and kept by Miep Gies and Bep Voskulij. After the war Miep gave the unread diary to Otto Frank who, not without doubts, finally decided to publish the it in 1947. The first edition (version C) was a compilation of  the original version of the diary (version A) and the one corrected by Anne (version B).  While editing the diary, Otto omitted several fragments concerning sexual matters and unpleasant opinions about other members of the family.  In 1986 the Critical Edition of the dairy was published by the Dutch Institute of War Documentation which compares all three versions.

Anne Frank’s Diary

In 1999 Cornelis Sujik- a former director of the Anne Frank Foundation and president of the U.S. Center for Holocaust Education Foundation-  claimed to be in the possession of few additional pages of the dairy which have been included in the new editions since 2001.

More about Anne Frank’s Diary:

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